About me

I'm a Front End Engineer.I am into the making of variations of websites and web applications. However, I am keenly interested in R&D in the User Experience(UX); and the making of diverse and most advanced websites.

As a person, I am indeed blessed to be very expressive, outward, candid, and joyous, and all these ingredients play a pivotal role for me to build contacts with my clients/colleagues and sustain them for the long-term collaboration.

I found that web design strikes the perfect balance between problem solving and aesthetic creativity. I believes in the power of simplicity and strives to always create beautiful interfaces with the end user in mind.I am a Tech Savy, explores things very deeply and I am very passionate towards latest technology. Each turn in my career path has led me closer to my passion of building sophisticated websites.

In my 3+ years career rather than get caught in trends, I prefer to focus on and perfect the fundamentals to make my clients application stand.I do clean and minimal designs, and simple and semantic hand-coded websites.

While my passion lies in UI and UX, I love messing with code to bring my ideas to life.


UI/UX Design

Web Development



I’m a influential go-getter and attentive thinker. My passion for quality and careful profession have earned me numerous kudos.

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UX Design, Web Development

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Dearborn County Sheriff

UX Design,Interaction Design, Web Development

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User Research, UX Design, Interaction Design, Web Development

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IVY Research

Interaction Design

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Interaction Design, Web Design

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Frontend Engineering, Interaction Design, Web Design

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Feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

+91-9900014642 b.shivaram16@outlook.com